Building a scale of the child's concepts of Thepharoses heritage in early childhood

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      The study aimed to build a scale to measure the Egyptian heritage in kindergarten children's the factors Affected Previous studies have confirmed the importance of the child's Cossets of the heritage in strengthening national belonging and maximizing loyalty in early childhood and its effective impact on building a normal and sincere personality in building the country in the future, in addition to the scarcity of studies that were interested in measuring the Concepts of the Pharaonic heritage for the kindergarten stage. The concepts of heritage contribute to providing children with important information about their heritage and review the theoretical ultra w to measure of the Egyptian Pharoses heritage of a Kindergarten We found that the theory of factor analysis, is the most appropriate, it expresses a statistical method used in the study of phenomena in order to return them to the factors
The sample was represented in a group of pre-school children children representing (5-6 years) from the kindergarten of um Al-Mu'menin School in Al-Muneera, Old Egypt, (20) children in the academic year 2021-2022 Measure Concepts of the pharoses heritage for children. The results of the Pharoses Heritage concepts Scale in the light of factor analysis consisted of the following:-   
Pharoses Heritage Tools - Clothes - the arts and beauty- Industry and agriculture tools of the pharoses.