Abuse of Working Children in the Contemporary Egyptian Village A Sociological Study on Some Villages and Estates in Giza Governorate

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       The current study aimed to shed light on the phenomenon of abuse of working children in the Contemporary Egyptian Village, the Study discussed its main topic through some effective issues and variables such as Demographic Characteristics, Rural Patterns, Areas of Work, New Work Patterns, and Patterns of Abuse. In its framework, the Study relied on several theories, such as the theory of poverty, the theory of resources, the theory of family disintegration, and the saying of power and powerlessness. The study also presented some previous studies in light of the available literature. On another level , the study relied on the descriptive analytical approach in order to provide an analytical and explanatory study of the phenomenon of abuse of working children, the study used the case study method using the interview guide as a purposive sample of 200 cases of abused working children .As for the results of the study, the study yielded some results related to its main topic, as follows: 1-there is a relationship between the demographic characteristics of child laborers and their exposure to maltreatment.2-the types of abuse to which working children were exposed were divided into two types as follows: A-Patterns of Abuse Related to the Field and Nature of Work. B- Patterns of Abuse Associated with Rurality.3-abuse and violence against working children did not affect their cessation of work, given the poverty of their families and their severe need for money.4-the mistreatment of the working child led to his transformation into a child characterized by violence and aggression when dealing with others. In light of presenting the results, the Study reached some important recommendations, including: 1-tightening the penalties imposed on parents who force their children to work, especially those who use their children to beg at an Early age.2-working to attract more investments to provide suitable job opportunities for adults who suffer from unemployment in the countryside, as well as improving the working conditions of people working in blue package professions so that we reduce the possibility of putting their children to work early.3-tightening the penalties imposed on employers who abuse children and violate their rights at work.