The Effectiveness of Training Modules Based on the Socio-Cultural Orientation for Developing Kindergarten Teachers' Educational Planning Skills in Light of the Objectives of Curriculum 2.0

Document Type : Original Article


This research focuses on enhancing the educational planning skills of kindergarten teachers in their daily activities in the context of the socio-cultural learning philosophy. This is achieved through the application of a training content consisting of 8 training modules based on the principles of this orientation. The research sample consisted of 15 teachers from a kindergarten at Al-Hurriyah School in Giza Governorate. The educational plans of the teachers were analyzed before and after the application of the modules using the Educational Planning Scale (prepared by the researcher). The planning reflects the teacher's thoughts and vision regarding factors influencing effective learning of children. The results were discussed in light of the analysis of the teachers' previous and subsequent plans to the module application. The research results indicated a statistically significant difference between the average ranks of the teachers' scores in the pre- and post-measure related to planning skills in favor of post measure.Additionally, the results showed no statistically significant differences between the average ranks of teachers' scores in the post and follow up application of dimensions of the scale, with significant differences found in the overall scale score in the applied and follow-up dimensions.