Artificial Intelligence Concepts for Kindergarten Children Using Digital Games – A Future Vision.


The rapid technological changes and applications that the world is witnessing day after day have become a reality that imposes itself strongly on all sectors as one of the manifestations of digital transformation and applications of artificial intelligence in various aspects of life and its daily activities. Children in the digital information age interact from the beginning of their lives with many artificial intelligence products, which include smart homes, digital toys, early education robots, and smart education.  Upon entering kindergarten, artificial intelligence (AI) is already affecting the lives, play and studies of the current generation of children and will have a significant impact on the future of the entire society. We have robots in our homes and smart devices in our pockets, and one study indicates that kindergarteners are interacting with smart toys and smart speakers at home. It is certain that artificial intelligence will continue to attract more attention in the future, and will not stop being integrated into our daily lives.  It is essential that communities around the world begin discussing the impact of artificial intelligence on society, to prepare future generations for a world crowded with this type of technology. Computer science teachers need to think about how to teach AI starting in kindergarten in a way that does not scare children but rather instills curiosity in them. The researcher believes that it is necessary to take this step in order to form a conscious generation, capable of dealing with these technologies in addition to preparing them for the jobs of the future that will be more available compared to traditional jobs. 
The study will be presented in several axes, summarized as follows: 

The concept of artificial intelligence, its origins and applications  
Digital games and their ratings are their pros and cons. 
Artificial Intelligence and Digital Games for Kindergarten Children 
Teaching AI to Kids, and the Applications of artificial intelligence and digital games on the future of education for the kindergarten child.