Depression in Relation to Self-confidence among Children with Visual Impairment

Document Type : Original Article


Ain-Shams University


This study attempted to investigate the relationship between depression and self-confidence among children with visual impairment. It also aimed at identifying gender differences in this regard. The descriptive-comparative method was utilized. The participants were (80) children with visual impairment (45 males – 35 females) between (9 - 12) years of age (mean age= 10.6; SD= 1.06).  They were recruited from Al-Nour School for the blind located in Cairo. To collect data, the depression scale (Lang & Tisher, 2004) and self-confidence scale (prepared by the researcher) were utilized. Results indicated that there was statistically significant inverse correlation between depression and self-confidence. Additionally, there were statistically significant gender differences in depression (in favor of the female participants) and self-confidence (in favor of the male participants).